Advantages of Sintered Products

Cost Savings :- With appropriate application and design, metal sintering can effect savings of more than 60 percent over more conventional methods of manufacture.

Self Lubricating :- The pores in the materials can be impregnated with a variety of oils and other lubricants, adding to the efficient life of the part.

No Swarf :- No waste in materials, as sintered products produced are ready for use and eliminates costly machining operations.

High Resistance to Wear :- Sintered parts have a high resistance to wear, a resistance higher than their nominal hardness figure indicates. Parts can also be given extra hardness qualities, by such conventional process as Induction Hardening, Nitriding etc. They can also be plated.

Uniform Properties and Dimensional Stability :- As sintered products are produced in specially prepared tooling properties and dimensions have high degree of accuracy and consistence.

New Materials :- The process enables production of wide alloys.