Bolt Cutters

Non-Conductive Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Non-Conductive Bolt Cutter

High quality electrically non-conductive bolt cutters.

  • Black oxide coated high strength alloy cutting jaws are adjustable for a complete precision cut
  • Fiberglass handles are optimized for stiffness and reduced weight
  • Black vinyl grips offer user comfort and control.
  • Lightweight, strong fiberglass handles are electrically non-conductive for applications where electrical power may be present

Mini Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Mini Bolt Cutter

Quality 15″ long mini bolt cutter for lighter duty service.

  • Adjustable head can be adjusted for complete clean cuts
  • Black handles with cushion grips

Breaching Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Breaching Bolt Cutter

Fast, precise cutting! A superior breaching bolt cutter that can cut through virtually anything with-in it's jaws.

  • Extra comfort and control with our stress relieving grips
  • Forged jaws are optimized for toughness and long cutting life
  • Handles are powder coated in tactical black. Tough and ultra-light weight
  • Forged steel heads are precision machined and fully adjustable

Collapsible Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Bolt Cutter

Padlocks and bolts cut with ease when you extend this cutter from 19″ to 30″.

  • Handles fold open quickly and lock into place automatically
  • Adjustable cutting head for perfect alignment
  • Cutting capacity: 3/8″
  • Tactical black

Hydraulic Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Hydraulic Bolt Cutter

The Hydraulic Bolt Cutter is a high-quality, compact bolt cutter that is powered by our self-contained hydraulic foot pump.

  • Innovative bolt cutter
  • Quickly and quietly cuts through padlocks and chains
  • Cutters are small enough to work in tight locations yet offers same cutting capacity as our full length cutters
  • Quick disconnect fittings allow user to switch hose from entry tool to cutter head quickly
  • Can be ordered separately or as part of entry pack