About Sintered Products

What are Sintered Products?

Sintered products are produced by compacting metal powders into the required shape and subjecting them to a heat treatment process to form a continuous metal structure with fine pores to retain lubricating oil. They remain porous and can absorb upto 25 percent by volume of lubricating oil.

Why Self Lubricating Bearings?

Sintered Products

At Rest :- Pores constituting 25% of the volume of the metal structure are impregnated with oil, and retain this oil till needed.

Sintered Products

In Rotation :- In operation oil comes to the surface of the shaft and the shaft rotates virtually on a "cushion of oil"

Sintered Products

When Shaft Stops :- When the shaft stops rotating, capillary action causes the pores to reabsorb the oil into the body of the bearing, till it is required again.