Pipe Cutters

Ratchet Vinyl Pipe Cutters by HIT Tools, Japan

Ratchet Vinyl Pipe Cutters
  • Ratchet shear permits smooth and easy operation.
Tool No. -L- Capacity
Max. Outside Dia.
Type of Pipe
Weight Kgrs.
PVC 25 200 26mm PVC Pipe and other plastic pipe 0.29
PVC 42 250 42mm PVC Pipe and other plastic pipe 0.35

Hose Cutters by HIT Tools, Japan

Hose Cutters
  • Designed for cutting re-inforced rubber hose.
Tool No. -L- Capacity
Hard Gas Hose
Weight Kgrs.
HC 400 400mm 9.5mm-13mm dia. 1.00
HC 500 500mm 9.5mm-25mm dia. 1.80

Plastic Pipe Cutters by MCC, Japan

Plastic Pipe Cutters
  • Ergonomic Handle Design gives you less stress during operation.
  • Quick Release Blade mechanism: It’s not necessary to open the handle with both hands to release the blade.
  • Extreme Cutting Leverage Design: less effort & less work in operation.
  • Simple Blade Exchange: Only two steps to exchange the blade. Less risk to lose any parts (except VC-0363)
  • Compact Design: While still in a small and compact unit, the VC-0334 & 0348 still has the ability to cut larger pipe.
Model No. Product
Cutting Capacity
Pipe O.D. mm (inch)
g (lbs)
Blade No.
VC-0327 VC-27ED up to 27mm(1") 260 g (0.6) VCE0327
VC-0334 VC-34ED up to 34mm(1.1/3") 290 g (0.6) VCE0334
VC-0342 VC-42ED up to 42mm(1.5/8") 420 g (0.9) VCE0342
VC-0348 VC-48ED up to 48mm(1.7/8") 400 g (0.9) VCE0348
VC-0363 VC-63ED up to 63mm(2.1/2") 650 g (1.4) VCE0363

Internal Plastic Pipe Cutters by MCC, Japan

Internal Plastic Pipe Cutters

For trimming tubing below floor or above ceiling installations. No scratch on the floors. Good for PVC pipes.

  • Highest grade special high carbon alloy steel with special heat treatment to maximize its tensile strength for daily use on hardest material cutting such as hard chains,locks, and padlock.
  • The cutting edge shape is uniquely designed for hard materials cutting to withstand toughest work.
  • Silver color lockplate for identification.
  • Lighter weight, great strength on steel tubular handles on 18″ to 36″ bolt cutters.
  • Made in Japan
Model No. Capacity
Outer dia.
Cutting Depth(mm) Weight
Spare Blade
From pipe end From floor
IPC-0050 48-60mm 30-100 0-55 1.00 IPCE0050
IPC-0100 76-114mm 40-120 0-70 2.07 IPCE0100

Plastic Tubing Cutters, V-Shaped Blade by MCC, Japan

Plastic Tubing Cutters, V-Shaped Blade
  • Clean cut without deformation of pipes by unique V-shape blades. Good for polybutane, polyethylene, rubber tubes and soft plastic pipes. JTC-42 can cut both sleeve pipes and inner pipes simultaneously. Palm size and light weight.
Model No. Maximum Capacity
Outer dia.mm
Spare Blade
JTC-37 37 0.22 JTCE37
JTC-42 42 0.40 JTCE42

Plastic Tubing Cutter, Single Stroke, Quick Cut by MCC, Japan

Plastic Tubing Cutter, Single Stroke, Quick Cut
  • Installed a reversible blade which provides an extra spare blade.
  • Quick and easy continuous cutting work by spring loaded handle with long lasting aluminum handle
Model No. Cutting Capacity
Pipe O.D.
Weight Spare Blade
JPC-37 37 mm (1.7/16") 0.15kg (0.3lbs) JPCE37

A/C Conduit Pipe Cutter by MCC, Japan

A/C Conduit Pipe Cutter
  • Designed for cutting ducts and covers of three sizes for air-conditioning. A cover and a duct can be cut together. (see below picture) Equipped with quick opening mechanism and safety stopper.
Model No. Size (mm) Weight (kg) Spare Blade
ADC-101 305 660 ADCE101

Tubing Cutters with Ball Bearing Roller by MCC, Japan

Tubing Cutters with Ball Bearing Roller

We focus on what is largely required in cutting copper and stainless steel tubes at the product design stage. Most importantly the cutting wheel must rotate straight to complete cutting. The cutter must also rotate around the pipe smoothly. For this reason, MCC installed 6 (six) individually sealed stainless steel ball bearings on the frame and 1 (one) needle bearing in the cutting wheel. This sounds like an unusual application of ball bearings; however once you take a look at the wheels of some of your carts in the warehouse, you will discover bearings on slower revolving parts such the casters where the wheels are attached. Under a high amount of weight and pressure, ball bearings are of great assistance. Tubing Cutters work in the same way. When your tubing cutters are new, you might hardly notice the difference between MCC tubing cutters and an ordinary pair of cutters that do not have a bearing installed. However, after one month of use, you will clearly notice the difference between the two cutters.

  • MCC Tubing Cutters are designed specifically to make clean rotational cuts; weather you are cutting Copper Tubing or Stainless Steel Tubing.
  • Well-designed components provide longer lasting sustainability making the cutter highly economical.
  • Compact & lightweight design increases your productivity.
  • Ergonomically designed knob reduces stress on your hands.
  • The heavy-duty cutting wheel with a bearing inside maximizes the durability of the cutting wheel when cutting stainless steel tubing.
Model No. Cutting Capacity
Pipe O.D.
Spare Cutting Wheel
TC-28 28 mm (1.125") 0.15 TCE32
TC-32 32 mm (1.375") 0.31 TCE32
TC-42 42 mm (1.654") 0.41 TCE32

Tubing Cutters for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing by MCC, Japan

Tubing Cutters for Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing
  • Designed for use in restricted spaces on small diameter. Light weight and durable aluminum body. Good for CSST(Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing), Soft Copper, brass, and Plastic Tubing.
Model No. Maximum Capacity Weight
Spare Blade
FTC-20 8-20 (5 /16"-13/16") 0.24 FTCE20A
FTC-25 8-25 (5 /16"-1") 0.27 FTCE32A
FTC-32 20-32 (1"-1.1 /4") 0.29 FTCE32A

Sleeve Pipe Cutters by MCC, Japan

Sleeve Pipe Cutters
  • Safely cutting sleeve pipes without damaging inner tubing.
  • Wide range of diameter, from 19mm to 48mm.
  • Portable and ideal for pipe work at tight spots.
Model No. Capacity
(outer dia.mm)
Spare Blade
SP-37 19-36.5mm 150g SPE37F
SP-48 19-48mm 170g SPE48

Pipe Cutters, Heavy Duty by MCC, Japan

Pipe Cutters, Heavy Duty
  • MCC pipe cutter is durable and tough.
  • The frame is made of strong special ductile iron, with wheel blades from special alloy steel that is drop forged, precision machined and heat treated.
  • This cutter is operated by hand or drive unit.
Model No. Capacity
Outer Dia (US Pipe size)
Spare Blade
PC-0101 13 – 40mm (1.¼") 1.5 PCE0112
PC-0102 13 – 63mm ( 2") 2.5 PCE0112
PC-0103 21 – 90mm ( 3") 3.8 PCE0103

Four Wheel Pipe Cutters by MCC, Japan

Four Wheel Pipe Cutters
  • When it comes to quick and easy cut, there is nothing better than this cutter. Introducing No. 1 quick and easy steel pipe cutter for professionals around the world.
  • Can cut only in 25mm space.(Model PCFB-25). Designed for work in area where a complete turn is impossible such as pipe against wall or ceiling. Only 130 degree swing to make a complete cut.
  • Cuts stainless steel pipes with no problems.
  • Bearing installed at every cutter wheels for smooth operation and precision cutting preventing from spiral rotation. (Bearing available only with PCFB-50)
  • Easy setting by quick open-close design.
  • Wide range of capacity. From 21mm(Pipe OD) to 64mm can be cut by PCFB-50.
Item No. Materials to be cut Capacity
(Nominal Pipe Size)
(Min OD - Max OD)
Wall thickness
Unit Weight Bearing
PCFB-25 Steel pipe,
Stainless steel pipe
½ - 1" 21 -38 mm (5.1mm/3.5 mm) 1.3 kg NO
PCFB-50 ½ - 2" 21 - 64 mm (5.4mm/3.5 mm) 2.3 kg YES