Collapsible Entry Tools

Collapsible Breaching Tools Kit by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Single Handled Battering Ram

Kit includes

  • Collapsible Pry Bar
  • Collapsible Bolt Cutter
  • Collapsible Sledge Hammer
  • When closed, each tool is only 19 inches long
  • When opened they lock to a full 30″ for maximum leverage and safety

Collapsible Maul by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Maul

The Collapsible Maul is a forged steel head battle axe made in the USA.

  • Built with versatility in mind
  • 8 lb. forged steel splitting axe & sledgehammer head combo
  • Extends from a compact 19″ to a powerful 30″ for maximum force
  • Tactical black

Collapsible Bolt Cutter by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Bolt Cutter

Padlocks and bolts cut with ease when you extend this cutter from 19″ to 30″.

  • Handles fold open quickly and lock into place automatically
  • Adjustable cutting head for perfect alignment
  • Cutting capacity: 3/8″
  • Tactical black

Collapsible Sledgehammer by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Sledgehammer

Collapsible Sledgehammer is produced in the USA and includes:

  • 8 lbs (10 lbs head is available)
  • Anodized tactical black handle
  • Telescoping handle locks in open and closed position
  • Overall length: 19" collapsed; 30" extended
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Collapsible Pry Bar by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Pry Bar

This super strong alloy steel folding pry bar is only 19″ when folded and quickly opens and locks to a full 30″ length.

  • Industry's only folding halligan bar allows for ultra-compact storage and transport
  • Spring loaded lock instantly locks the bar into the straight position, ready for use
  • Finish is tactical black and weight is 5.5 lbs

X-RatRake™ by Rapid Assault Tools, USA


Developed with LAPD, this tools is essential for quick access to car and building windows.

  • Hardened steel point shatters glass with little effort
  • Square steel rake shaft rapidly removes glass shards
  • Compact at 21″ and quickly opens up to 30″ to deliver the maximum punch
  • Two large hand shields protect operator
  • Tactical black. 6 lbs

Collapsible Breaching Kit and Ram by Rapid Assault Tools, USA

Collapsible Breaching Kit and Ram

This is a Collapsible Breaching Tool Kit and Ram version of our high performance mechanical breaching kit and includes:

  • BR35 Single Handled Battering Ram or BR35-2 Door Breaching Battering Ram
  • Extendable Sledge Hammer
  • Extendable Bolt Cutter
  • Extendable Pry Bar